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Story1 - A tragic accident

Chapter 1: Three bored girls

“Hey, what do we want to do? I’m so bored” ... “Me too, but no idea at all.” “Mh...”
Mardi was phoning her best friend, Jenny.
“Just come and visit me” And so, Mardi was walking to visit her friend. During the way, it wasn’t so long but long enough, she thought “what about founding a gang” Suddenly she couldn’t wait to see her friend. Soon as Jenny opened the door, Mardi started talking, in a way nobody, really nobody, could understand.” “What, wait, wait, what are you especially talking about? Talk slowly. And come in, it is cold outside” Now Mardi realised that she still stood in front of the opened door. With a word, sounding like “Sorry” she was walking into the house, sat down and then started again. “During I was walking through that ugly forest, I suddenly had the idea, that we could found a gang. No criminal one, but a gang. So that everyone know, we are sticking together” Jenny was excited right know. “But who should be in it, except the two of us?” “What about a test of courage, everyone who manages it is a member. But let’s talk about this with Celine” “Yeah, I am phoning her, wait a second”, Jenny was shouting. And then just fifteen minutes later, the three girls where sitting on the sofa. They were discussing and discussing. After one and a half hour: “So and now to come to an end, what about this suggestion: We three found the gang named ‘the crazy and brave girlys’ and then every person in school, that want to become a member of the greatest gang in the whole school, can do so. She just have to do a test” Mardi was sneering “She just have to hold a stone, count to ten and then throw it.” “What?” Jenny and Celine asked at the same time “Hold a stone, count and throw?!” “Oh my god, not in the sand or out of a window, no, we are going to the highway bridge!” Celine agreed: “So be it” “But what if it comes to an accident? What if cars are crashing? And what if we get caught?” “Jenny, come down, we are throwing in front of the cars, I’ve done it so much times before.” “Hey you don’t have to throw, you don’t have to be a member in our gang” “Come down, nothing can happen” And with this words Mardy put on her jacket. So the two girls knew, throwing or losing her friends.

Chapter2: No,I won’t ... or?!

And there it was, the high way, just in front of us. I’ve never seen it at night. What a fuck, Jenny is thinking. Throwing just a little stone, can be so dangerous. What if it is hiding a car, or the driver, I just can’t think about all the possible consequences. Maybe I just shouldn’t throw any stone, but then I will lose my best friends. God, what should I do? Then Mardi shouts “come on, you’re next, hey wake up, take this stone, please!” I didn’t know what I was doing. Seconds passed like hours. And I began to count “1, 2, 3,4” “Not so fast!” Mardi interrupted me. “5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10” And I did it, I threw the stone, turned around to see my friends. They looked surprised, I guess they didn’t think that I could manage it, not a single second.
And then I heard it, better we heard it. A horrible, loud noise. Suddenly my good mood was blown away. “Run away”, Mardi shouted. And she did so, and I followed, just like in a dream. We were hiding behind a bush and watching. Like a bad horror film, I thought. Surprising to me, Mardy looked a very little bit scared, too. Seconds or minutes or even hours, I can’t say how long we sat there. One, or two, o no even more ambulances. And then Mardi whispered “let’s go home”

-Fortsetzung folgt - to be continued-


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